Emily Grady in Palm Coast Lifestyles Magazine:

November 2006 - Emily's Magazine Shoot:

Palm Coast Lifestyles Magazine
November 2006, ISSUE XXVII

Fashion and shopping shoot done for regional magazine covering Palm Coast, Florida (north of Daytona Beach, FL).

Article Title:
HAUTE FASHION & STYLE Yeah! You can actually shop in Palm Coast
(article starts on page 16 in overall magazine)

Emily's on:

  1. Index page picture
  2. Four-page Haute Fashion article:
        page 2 of 4, upper left (rock climbing in Versace and heels)
        page 2 of 4, lower left (purse, wrist shot)
        page 3 of 4, spread (motorcycle in motion "biker chauffeur" shot)
  3. Index page on page 6 of 36, plus article starts on page 16 of 36 of the overall magazine (if you want to see stuff besides just her pages)
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