Pictures - 2004:

  • 2004 - Spring Everglades fishing trip with Captain Ray Culver (aka "Chokoloskee Ray") Imho, Choko Ray is the finest fishing guide money can buy.
  • 2004 - Same fishing trip with my son Sean (shown here with Choko Ray) - we're 15 miles from the mainland, way deep in the extended backwaters of the Florida Everglades - and Sean landed his first snook ever This is one of my all-time favorite memories in this life of mine... me and my son and Grandpa out fishing in the Everglades and landing some big ones.  My son is the best friend I always wanted - loyal friend, funny, sincere, honest, passionate and caring - his waters run deep.  Strange thought the first time I consciously noticed, but I've always been a father who wants to be more like his son.  I think it's supposed to be the other way around - but life is riddled with funny twists - and I can't imagine enduring it without Sean.
  • 2004 - Crusty old navy guy picture:
  • 2004 - July - a few pictures of me at my last job site (and hopefully never returning to "cube-land" again!!!)
  • 2004 - August - trip to Weeki Wachee pix:
    Pat's wife:
    Pat's girlfriend:
  • 2004 - November - Melanie and Greg's beauties - Peyton (big sister) and Kristen:
  • 2004 - November - Scott and (cloned) baby Erin
  • 2004 - November - Pat in Columbus holding 6-week old Erin Leah Grady
  • 2004 - Christmas - assorted pix:
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