Pictures - 2007:

  • 2007 - January - My Chicagoan Father-in-law Hank, thinking the Bears will win the Super Bowl, dresses the part (and tries not to laugh as the picture gets taken):
  • 2007 - February - Karen, at work at her school where she's a teacher - it's Patriot Parade Day and the kids are all red, white and blue'd out - Jake's ready for the parade:
  • 2007 - March - niece Kristen's 3rd birthday! Pictures of Kristen, her older sister Peyton and the birthday kids. Greg (dad) made it into the background of a few. Melanie (mom) isn't in any pictures, but Kristen, hanging from gym bars in a few shots, reminds me of Melanie and her gymnastic past:
  • 2007 - March - Pat, and Buddy John, went fishing in Punta Gorda, FL with Alan Hamilton and caught some snook:
  • 2007 - March - Pat, in Texas, bass fishing - 4 lb, 13 oz. was one of about 32 bass caught in 2 days by Pat and his buddy Scott:
  • 2007 - June - Pat and son Sean, driveway at home:
  • 2007 - August - Family trip to Chicago to visit Karen's family:
  • 2007 - September - Family trip to Columbus GA for Labor Day at Pat's brothers house (Pat, Karen, Emily, Sean; Scott, Marcy, Camryn, Erin; Melanie, Peyton, Kristen; Dan Sumner; Other family and friends):
  • 2007 - September 28 - Mom's Birthday Dinner! Special thanks to Captain's Tavern hostess Elena who helped the birthday surprise details all work out:
  • 2007 - November 29 - Deep Sea fishing aboard the Pastime Princess leaving from New Smyrna Beach. Highly recommend them for great day-trip deep-sea fishing:
  • 2007 - Thanksgiving (plus) - Scott and Melanie's families visited the Orlando Grady's:
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