Pictures - 2008:

  • 2008 - February - Kenny flew down from Colorado to Punta Gorda to join Alan and me for a great multi-day fishing trip out of the Hamilton home (thanks Ellen!). Three guys boated over 100 fish in just a few days of beautiful fishing throughout Southwest Florida's Charlotte Harbor. Great friends, great weather, great fishing - great times! Alan and I hope Ken comes back to Florida for some more fishing soon:
  • 2008 - April - Two very big birthdays this year! Sean turned 18 on the 15th (Tax Day). Emily turned 21 on the 22nd (Earth Day):
  • 2008 - May - My son Sean and I were working in the garage last week, rooting through some old boxes to build his school project, a battery powered car.  Anyway, we came across my old college notebook, from about 1992 or so.  I had a picture of me (from my younger, thinner days), holding my then baby son, taped to the inside of my notebook so I could check him out while I was on campus studying or waiting for class to start.  My baby buddy... signaling that his Dad is number one... of course, Sean now has a beard and is nearly 5 inches taller than me.  Finding this old picture brought me back to when he was just a baby (that's his drool on our shirts), I just had to scan it in and post it here:
  • 2008 - May - Sean graduated from Winter Park High School!  Next, he's going to the University of Central Florida, starting this Fall semester:
  • 2008 - July - Sean playing basketball, two videos (give them 10-20 seconds to load when clicked) show him getting closer to being able to dunk it:
  • 2008 - August - Scott earns his Masters! It takes grit and determination to stick through the ups and downs of the economy, your employers changing needs, your own growing and changing professional life, the uncertainty of life's course overall, and life's daily chores when you're a dad and a husband and a brother and a son and an uncle and so much more.  To continue to charge forward, learning and achieving, staying focused on your long-term, lofty educational goal is certainly no easy task.  So when you do finally cross the finish line, your very closest fans are there cheering and weepy eyed, filled with both admiration for you and love for this moment!  My brother, I'm very proud of you today!  Congratulations!:
  • 2008 - September - My brother Scott, who works in aviation maintenance, was in town for some guy time with me, his very favorite brother... and I found out that he had never been up in a helicopter before... so off we went to tour central Florida from above.  My son Sean went too making it an extra special MGT (Multigenerational Guy Time) event:
  • 2008 - September - Pat went to Colorado, first time fly fishing! Stayed with dear friends Alan and Ellen and their family. Camped, fished, talked fireside late into the cool, starry night with my very good friend and fellow fisherman Alan. Alan's sons joined us a few days for some fishing as well. Son Jeremy, a professional guide, used patience and skill with me to get me into my first Colorado Trout! Good friend Ken joined for fishing and brotherhood talks and drinking, so wonderful to meet people like this through my work, and go enjoy the true outdoors with close friends! Scenic views and weather were very unlike my home state of Florida, I can definitely see how Alan and Ellen split their year between here and there. Thanks Alan, I needed this break badly and you delivered with wonderful fun, locations, hospitality, fishing, food and friendship:
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