Pictures - 2009:

  • 2009 - January - (flashback entry) nearly two years ago, I bought my first recumbent bike.  I just got a wild hair one day and bought a used Sun EZ Racer from a local guy on CraigsList.  I had grown tired of crotch and wrist soreness from biking long miles (I can go and go!) and had nearly given up riding my upright bike because of too much discomfort.  The annoying pains lead me to ride far too few miles and I really, really missed my biking, so I bought the dorky looking thing and off I went.  With a happy crotch, nimble wrists and a smile only a geek can wear with confidence, I've logged many, many rides on my recliner with wheels!  Oh My God, recumbents are the only way to ride.  Laying down, relaxed, leisurely hammering down the road with folks occasionally asking me to stop so they can see the totally cool, comfy bike... yeah, that's just how I roll now.  Here's a picture from the listing when the guy sold it to me.  He had two, the blue one is pictured here, but I went with the fire engine red one he also had for sale... full-on, bright, gector, red (geeking halfway is for wimps!).  Pat's 21-speed recumbent happy crotch machine, for your viewing pleasure:
  • 2009 - April - My mom, looking great, on the porch of her condo in Coral Gables, Florida:
  • 2009 - May - This picture is actually from January 2007, but my fishing buddy Alan just sent me a copy of it today, so I'm posting it here:
  • 2009 - August - Same deal here, picture from January 2007, just remembering the good snook times I've had with Alan Hamilton. Makes me yearn for this coming January, when my good friend returns to Florida (his winter home) and we'll be going fishing together again. We're going fly fishing in Colorado next month together, so thankfully, we don't really have to wait until January to fish together again!:
  • 2009 - September - I went fly fishing in Colorado with my buddy Alan! Alan and Ellen are such great hosts! We talked, drank, camped, fished and enjoyed the great outdoors together. Boy, the weather there sure was different from Florida! Plus, we heard coyotes, guarded against bears getting into our camping stuff, saw elk and heard them bugling for mates, saw unbelievably star filled night skies and caught and released some beautiful mountain trout too!:
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