Pictures - 2010:

  • 2010 - April - fishing with my buddy Alan, caught some redfish. Good times!
  • 2010 - September - my uncle Mike passed away this week, so I thought it would be a good time to road trip down to my Dad's house in Palm Beach and spend some time with him. Brought my son with me as well. While visiting, and looking at some old family photos, talked Dad into letting me borrow some old photos of him I could scan in. Damn he was even more handsome as a young man than he is now!
  • 2010 - September - with the passing of my uncle Mike, we've been reconnecting (or connecting) with each other. Just got an updated photo of my cousin Taber, from the Carl clan out in Kansas. Grandma Mary B would be so pleased to know that we're all so chatty with one another.
  • 2010 - Thanksgiving - a bunch of us spent Turkey Day at my cousin Megan's house - we got to talking and reminiscing and drinking... and Megan pulled out the old photos! I had to grab several and scan them in to share!
    1. Grady clan at Aunt Pat's, Max took the photo.
    2. Dad, Pat, Melanie! Melanie's clogs! Father and son with chest hair (or chest hair area) exposed!
    3. Megan, when she was "almost 13". 7th Grade, taken Oct 1987.
    4. Scott, Pat, Melanie - looking very cool!
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